Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Guide - How To Solve The Fishing Shrine Puzzle


Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a surprisingly challenging game (if you need any advice, we've got 13 essential tips and tricks that should prove helpful). And that challenge isn't just tied to combat. Bridge of Spirits has a few head-scratching puzzles too.

Of note, early into Bridge of Spirits, you'll be tasked with travelling to the game's first major area, the Forgotten Woods, and encounter a series of puzzles following your conversation with Rusu at his house. In order to help Taru, you need to recover three items related to his trauma--one of which is locked behind a door.

The door can only be opened by activating four different shrines. Though most are combat-focused or a hybrid of platform puzzle and combat, one in particular is solely a puzzle: the Fishing Shrine. It's not obvious what you're supposed to do in order to activate the shrine--this is the first mandatory puzzle in Bridge of Spirits that encourages you to really pay attention to the world around you.

If you're stuck, here's how to solve the Fishing Shrine puzzle.

  1. Look beyond the shrine and you'll notice that there are four unlit torches, each marked with a blue crystal.
  2. Go up to the shrine itself and look at the decorations on display.
  3. Take note that there are four collections of candles--four candles in the collection located in the back left, two in the front left, one in the back right, and three in the front right.
  4. The candles tell you in what order you have to shoot the unlit torches--while facing the shrine, first shoot the torch ahead and to the right of Kena, then the one behind and to the left of her, then the one behind and to the right of her, and finally the one ahead and to the left of her.
The candles on the shrine are telling you in what order to shoot the torches around Kena.

In GameSpot's Kena: Bridge of Spirits review, Phil Hornshaw writes, "Kena: Bridge of Spirits is ultimately a game about making those connections, just like it's about making a connection with the game world around you through the Rot. It centers on characters who tried valiantly but failed to help one another, and what dealing with that pain did to them. It's about exploring a world and seeing what it once was, and helping to restore it again. And while Kena: Bridge of Spirits is full of familiar-feeling combat and exploration, its ability to find different ways to look at those ideas makes for a beautiful, emotional, and exciting journey."

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